Our Purpose

Today's Muslims face unique challenges as they try to balance cultural, religious and societal influences into their daily lives. Some therapists may not understand this journey and will offer treatment absent of essential beliefs and values for the conscious Muslim.

On the other hand some local Imams may concentrate on religious external practices absent of relevant techniques while addressing personal problems. The "pray more" method is not always a holistic solution for life's problems.

Noor is an effective solution that bridges the gap between these two poles.

Counselors & Coaches


Karim Serageldin, M.A. Psych, CPC

Karim, the founder of Noor, has BA in psychology & religion and an MA in east-west psychology with a specialization in spiritual counseling. He is a certified life and relationship coach with years of teaching and community outreach experience. He consults with leading scholars of Islam and is working on his own theory of Islamic psychology for Muslims in the west. Check out the Coffee with Karim podcast for great lessons, insights and tips to improve your spiritual and mental well being.

Specialties: Spiritual psychology, marriage, per-marital, men, youth.

Hala Embabi, M.A. , CPC

Hala is fluent in Arabic and English and has her M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies. Hala obtained her NYU Coaching Certificate and completed Gottman Training for Couple's work. Hala is passionate about coaching clients on their life journey and is dedicated to design success plans and achieve goals. She prides herself in building open, collaborative, and confidential relationships with her clients. She specializes in premarital, personal and marital coaching. Check out Hala's Blog here.

Specialties: Life coaching, relationships, women.

*Available for online and phone sessions only. 

Mohamed Sergaeldin: Islamic Consultations

In 2009 Mohamed ventured to Egypt to study Arabic, Fiqh and complete his Quran memorization. He is currently an instructor at a vibrant Zawiya (religious educational center) in Cairo where international and native students attend. Mohamed earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University and his certification for Quran and Tajweed (science of recitation) through renowned Azhar scholars. Currently his passion is to provide spiritual counseling with Noor using the wisdom and power of the Divine narrative. He is also the CEO of Basmala Beads.

Specialties: Arabic, spiritual counseling, Qur'an.*Available for online sessions by request.

Our Spectacular Staff!

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Faris Ibrahim: Podcast Admin

Faris Ibrahim was born and raised in New England but currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has been a firm believer in Noor’s mission for three years. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration in Management Information Systems. He has a passion for writing and recently authored a novel titled “Greenman and the Breath of the Pearl Diver”. He is a yoga and meditation enthusiast, and self-described mystic. In his spare time, he enjoys playing his Oud.

Specialties: Strategic marketing, business analysis and development, business technology, writing, and editing.


Qudsia Osman: Editor/Blogger

Qudsia Osmani received a BA in philosophy and religion from the State University of Old Westbury. During her studies she became passionate about writing and Quranic Literacy. She helped develop several curriculums to cater to the muslim communities need for Islamic studies. Later she obtained an M.S. in Education from Touro College. Qudsia is a strong advocate when it comes to creating a voice and platform to discuss sensitive topics within our community.   

Specializes in writing, youth, marriage, family, parenting, Quranic literacy.


Monique Hassan: Editor/Blogger

Monique Hassan is a freelance writer specializing in behavioral health. She has a Bachelors of Science in Psychology with a minor in biology along with years of experience in behavioral health. She is experienced in writing data analysis and performance improvement documentation, follow up documentation for patients and administration, trifold brochures, educational material for patients. She currently works as an inpatient behavioral health care provider. Check out her blog here.

Specializes in writing, mental health, convert care, trauma and patient advocacy.


Paula Prado: Admin/Operations

Paula grew up in Rio De Janeiro as the eldest of 5 children, where she had first hand experience raising kids! She later earned her MA in Business Law and practiced for several years. She decided to take enrichment English courses in the Unites States where she embraced the path of Islam and found a new calling to serve the Muslim community. She is a child development specialist, event planner and space organizer and she helps administer Noor events and operational tasks.

Specialties: Event coordinator, parenting, child development, coaching women, professional organizer.

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