Before you say yes

Since 2015 "BYSY" has been an effort to bring Bay Area single Muslim men and women together to learn, connect and interact in a relaxed and natural atmosphere. 

We hope this incubator will generate a powerful networking space and nurturing environment for healthy relationships and future families.

Why BYSY? Not only will you meet single brothers and sisters, you will also engage with them in fun activities and collective learning on topics like religion, spirituality, premarital coaching and marriage skills.




It is not enough to just meet people and identify good potential partners on paper. We also need to learn about the art and science of being in a marriage! One of the things I often hear from married couples is that they wished they had learned more practical skills and concepts to better prepare them for marriage. BYSY aims to do just that!


We learn while creating a space to meet and engage with other participants. There is no speed dating or dry encounters. In the past we have played games, had round table discussions and team building exercises. Participants make friends, exchange contact info and make opportunities to meet and collaborate.