Don’t just focus on planning the wedding party but plan and prepare for your actual relationship.

Many people dream of love, weddings and a deep desire to connect with another. When it finally happens, you might feel excited, anxious, skeptical confused, scared or nothing at all.

Some of us have gone into marriage without any realistic understanding of what being in a committed relationship entails. After some time, we think we are "not in love anymore," when in reality, we just don't know how to adjust to this real and human commitment.


To help prevent this from happening, our Premarital Program will teach you the basics of communication skills, male and female brain science, and how to meet relationship needs and understand the influence of religion, family traditions and personality types with your future partner.

Guided Exercises

Noor Premarital Guide

1) Myths vs Reality: Debunking myths and clarifying common naivety and misconceptions.

2) Personal Checklist: Discover if you are really prepared for marriage and if further personal support is needed.

3) Marriage Questionnaire: Discuss and score each other with the essential topics often overlooked before marriage.

  • Communication Skills

  • Fulfillment of Needs

  • Male and Female Brains

  • Addressing anxiety and fears during courtship.

  • Access to free online courses at Noor Human Academy.

You don’t have to join the growing percentage of divorces in your community.



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