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We aim to illuminate you with proper self-knowledge, an improved spiritual esteem and practical skills to accomplish personal, relationship, and family goals, while honoring your unique circumstances.


Noor means "light; that which makes visible and gives clear vision and understanding."

Together we will constructively discover what prevents you from reaching your full potential to build a happier and successful life!


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Founder: Karim Serageldin, M.A. Psychology, CPC

Noor's founder, Karim Serageldin, is a life long learner of psychology, philosophy, religion and various other social sciences. Karim possess outstanding knowledge and understanding of the human sciences and has been offering support to the Muslim community for over ten years.

Karim is a life long learner of psychology, philosophy, religion and the social sciences. He possess outstanding knowledge of the human experience and the ability to translate this into application. He has specialized with the Muslim community for over a decade.

Our Purpose

Today's Muslims face unique challenges as they try to balance cultural, religious and societal influences into their daily lives. Some therapists may not understand this journey and will offer treatment absent of essential beliefs and values for the conscious Muslim.

On the other hand some local Imams may concentrate on religious external practices absent of relevant techniques while addressing personal problems. The "pray more" method is not always a holistic solution for life's problems.

Noor is an effective solution that bridges the gap between these two poles.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
— - Pierre Tielhard de Chardin

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