Islamic Spiritual Psychology

aims to heal and optimize a person in life (existence) in relationship to the Divine (spirituality) and Islam (religion). You will discover the power of 'ilm al nafs (The knowledge of the self) in the Islamic tradition. What roles the qalb (heart), ruh (spirit), nafs (self/soul) and 'aql (intellect) play in your well being.


Humanistic-Existential Psychology 

approaches each individual as unique and responsible for their lives through choices. Real change comes form within and this requires self-awareness of one's personal interpretation of the world. How and why we participate in our experiences in the fashion we do, and what we can learn from our past to take actions and create change. 


Relationship Science: Drawing on researched techniques, models and practices from the field of psychology to enhance and restore harmony and love. Learn more!

Coaching Psychology is aimed to establish trust, ask powerful questions, actively listen, provide feedback, help you organize your personal process and implement exercises, tools and models to enhance success and well being.

Human Consulting provides professional advice and guidance to improve the human condition using research, knowledge and techniques rooted in the social, spiritual and human sciences.