The Matrimonial Solution for Muslim Americans

After evaluating the opportunities available and after careful consideration, we are excited to announce that Half Our Deen is our preferred partner in helping single Muslims find their other half!

Why Half Our Deen?

First, Half Our Deen is the ONLY matrimonial site that uses TruMatch Compatibility when finding your other half.  Half Our Deen is more than just a matchmaking site - it's an innovative, easy to use, and private service created just for Muslims, to help you find your other half. HOD focuses on areas that are most important to Muslims such as deen, personality, family, and social life.

We all know the problems of the marriage journey for Muslims in America.

Where and how do we find someone? What do we do when we have? How can we best prepare for marriage as well as heal and grow during marriage overtime? Both HOD and Noor recognize this need and share the purpose to solve these problems together!

Our Goals

1) Helping Muslims find a compatible partner with HOD's matrimonial website!

2) Offer Noor's premarital counseling during the courtship process!

3) Provide marriage consulting for our couples to ensure long term growth and happiness!

4) Facilitate offline events to help our community meet potential partners.

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