Parenting & Early Childhood

(Best for 18 months to 8 years old)

Jailan Heider


Do You Need

  1. Empathetic and non-judgmental guidance and support in your parenting decisions?

  2. Key concepts and understanding of your child’s behavior?

  3. To learn parenting tools that are evidence based, effective and align with your values?


Becoming a parent is one of the greatest gifts Allah (swt) can bless us with.

Along with incredible joy, it is also an immense responsibility. As a parent, you are influencing and shaping a little human being into an adult of the future. Raising a child is is one of the biggest life projects.

Yet, we do not prepare for parenthood or educate ourselves as we do other projects and interests. There is definitely a lot of intuition (fitra) in the bond between parent and child. However, there is now such an expansive availability of parenting material that we often struggle as parents in finding what aligns with our values.

Identify Needs & Get Support


 In our sessions together we discuss your challenges and needs in a safe, non judgmental space.

You develop understanding for your child's behavior, gain parenting tools that are evidence based and move forward with an action plan to creating the calm in your parenting and home that you deserve.

Apply Key Concepts & Bond

Parents are welcome individually or together during sessions. We get to talk in the comfort of your own home.

 Parent education and training is specialized for parents with children between 18 months and 8 years old.