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More About Us

Today's Muslims face unique challenges as they try to balance cultural, religious and societal influences into their daily lives. Some therapists may not understand this journey and will offer treatment absent of essential beliefs and values for the conscious Muslim.

On the other hand some local Imams may concentrate on religious external practices absent of relevant techniques while addressing personal problems. The "pray more" method is not always a holistic solution for life's problems.

Noor is an effective solution that bridges the gap between these two poles.


Noor's Founder

"I look forward to providing you with our unique Islamic counseling services that many have enjoyed and grown with and so will you insha'Allah!

While you are here, get some freebies, listen and subscribe to my podcast and see our blog with articles and videos to get started. Noor is dedicated to aid your spiritual, mental and relationship success in this life and the next!"

-Karim Serageldin, MA Psych, CPC


What We Do

Marital Services

Our marriage program is designed to help you meet your marital objectives using research based techniques and Islamic spiritual values to guide your process.

Quick look at what you will achieve:

  • Better communication and conflict resolution skills.
  • Healthier understanding of each other's needs and how to fulfill them.
  • Improved emotional and physical intimacy.
  • Tips on parenting and family harmony.
  • Enhanced spirituality and Islamic living that honors your culture.

Plus, relevant worksheet exercises and marital assessments to collect your data and map our process together.

Premarital Services

Some of us have gone into marriage without any realistic understanding of what being in a committed relationship entails. After some time, we think we are "not in love anymore," when in reality, we just don't know how to keep the love muscle strong.

Quick look at what you will get:

  • Answers to your questions about marriage and family prosperity.
  • How to have realistic expectations and practical ways to achieve them.
  • Deconstructing marital myths that everyone should know before marriage.
  • A personal checklist that helps you assess how ready you both are for marriage.

Have you ever asked yourself?

 What is my purpose? Where am I heading? How do I reconcile and learn from past wounds? Why do I face certain challenges and feel stuck? How can I grow and become a better human being? Imagine taking a course about yourself and the curriculum is based on your life story. Through self awareness, action items, accountability and custom support you will experience progress and growth like never before!

Quick look at what you will get:

  • Enhanced self awareness and spiritual esteem.
  • Coping skills to deal with stress, anxiety and negative thinking.
  • Realizing past wounds and how they have shaped you today.
  • Greater ability to achieve your milestones and feel more joy in life.

How We Have Helped Others

Atif F. (March 20 2017)

"Personalized, Customized and Goal-Oriented. I've been getting coaching from Karim and his way of listening and understanding my life challenges and goals is extraordinary. He provides very personal and customized approach towards life challenges and how to overcome them."

J.M. (March 3 2016)

"Forever Grateful. Mashallah you helped our relationship so much. It was extremely helpful to tie Islamic principles to practical solution for our problems. The simple, small steps to change was key and your help in being consistent. These small victories make me want to jump up and sing! I'm forever grateful for the time you spent with us. May Allah reward you immensely."

F.M. (May 17 2017)

"Amazing Service!I always leave sessions feeling ease and clarity about my growth areas and what I'm actually doing well with. I've tried other services through out the years, but Karim's the only one that has worked effectively for me. Karim is meticulously dedicated to each of his clients and has a plethora of experience in his field."

A. H. (January 17 2017)

"Helping Humans with Head and Heart! I had an unexpected death upended a lot of things in my life. I needed some guidance to get back on track and to run my business and tackle the new personal challenges I was facing. I was working with another counselor for a few months but did not find much value in my sessions. My wife found Karim and started working with him and I tried a session too. Needless to say, I really enjoyed his approach. Karim has acted like a guide to help me identify, process and work on my challenges. I enjoyed his work so much that I even paid to attend his workshops from time to time outside of sessions. I highly recommend you try one session with Karim to see how it feels. Chances are you will want to work with him."

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