Don’t just focus on planning the wedding party but prepare for your actual relationship.

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Did You Know?

1. Couples who had premarital counseling have a 30% higher marital success rate than those who did not.
2. That 1 in 3 American Muslim couples get divorced due to lack of preparation and ability to resolve issues?


Starting a courtship should be an exciting and joyful time. Sometimes it is rocky from the beginning. Other times it’s fine and the two are happily wed.

After some time the pixie dust settles and we start to face real issues or things we never knew or saw before. We think we are "not in love anymore." Often we just didn’t get the right training and tools to ensure a successful marriage.

To help prevent this from happening, our Premarital Program will teach you the basics of communication skills, personality styles, how to meet needs. Get personal and couples mentoring to overcome challenges during your courtship.


Premarital Focus

1) Myths vs Reality 

  • Debunking myths and clarifying common naivety and misconceptions.

  • Understanding what is required by Islam for a marital process.

  • Navigating family and cultural expectations for the marriage.

  • Get support for difficult situations with your fiancée and the families involved.

  • Have clarity and get feedback on red flags during the courtship.

2) Personal Checklist 

  • Discover if you are really prepared for marriage and if further personal support is needed.

  • Explore your notions of love, commitment, needs and expectations.

  • Evaluate and learn important lessons and tips to maturely succeed.

3) Marriage Questionnaire 

  • Discuss and score each other with the essential topics often overlooked before marriage.

  • Recognize your personality styles and notions of love, religion, affection, values and future planning.

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Grasp the difference between “loving you they way I want” and loving you the way you need.


Tired of feeling hurt, devalued and stuck?

Get tools and concepts to reboot and nourish your marriage


Life is hard. Children need constant attention. Work is stressful. Before you know it, the person you married seems like a roommate or worse. Love is like a muscle, it needs exercise and nourishment to stay strong!

Couples are invited to set up an initial consultation separately. We do this so that each person shares their side of the story and what their wishes are before any joint sessions.

Our Goals

  • Embrace Empathy

  • Value Vulnerability

  • Listen Actively

  • Let Go of the Past

  • Make Better Team Decisions

  • Become More Mindful and Heartfelt

  • Build Resilience and Resolution Skills

  • Get Along with Yourself and Your Spouse

You Also Get


Our Marriage Program focuses on three essential parts:


Marriage Focus



How we see ourselves, others and the world.

Think Better

  • Correct Distorted Thinking

  • Get Healthy Communication and Active Listening

  • Advance Your Reflection and Resolution Skills

  • Upgrade Your Beliefs, Behaviors and Moods


How we empathize, have intimacy and show care.

Feel Brighter

  • Produce Better Partner Performance

  • Relief from Grudges and Resentment

  • Spiritual Beliefs and Character Development

  • Realign Your Life With Your Values



Understand your partner’s needs, wishes and values and how to meet them.

Be Brilliant Together

  • Identify and Meet Your Spouse’s Needs

  • Develop Healthy Habits

  • Have More Trust, Respect and Affection

  • Improve Empathy, Sharing and Harmony

Take Your Online Assessment

Our marital program requires at least 6-9 Ex-Sessions. We can assess your strengths and growth areas at the beginning and end of our program. These reports help us build confidence and make healthy changes with guided exercises.

Couples love to see their progress with their before and after data reports and you will too!

First Online Assessment is $35

Check Up Assessment (end of package) is provided for FREE!

Marital Program Best Value

Most popular with our couples is the Extended Gold Package.

You get 9 Ex-Sessions (75 min each) with guided practices and free access to courses to nourish your path to success! Most importantly it gives us the time to dig deep and reshape our marriages into a joyful experience!

Extended Packages
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