Have you ever asked yourself?

 What is my purpose? Where am I heading? How do I reconcile and learn from past wounds? Why do I face certain challenges and feel stuck? How can I grow and become a better human being?

Imagine taking a course about yourself and the curriculum is based on your life story.

Our sessions are aimed to establish trust, ask powerful questions, actively listen, provide feedback, help you organize your personal process and implement techniques to enhance your psycho-spiritual well being!


Noor's Goal Planner

1) Design Your Goal Plan: Review the six dimensions of yourself and decide where you want to improve.

2) Explore Your Goals: Unpack each goal separately with your goal exploration worksheets and prepare what you need.

3) Track Progress: Evaluate yourself at the end of the week to measure progress with our self trackers!

4 Steps of Focus

1. Illuminate

Self-awareness is the first step towards change. We see each individual as unique and responsible for their lives through conscious choices. Real change comes from within and this requires shedding light on one's unique interpretation of the world, how we participate in our experiences, and what we can learn from our past to take actions today and create change. 

2. Demonstrate

You will be shown evidence and methods of your reality and how to work with it. You will become an author of your thoughts and influence your moods and behaviors more effectively.

3. Activate

Get moving with practical exercises that will aid your personal well being and enhancement. Act on what has been illuminated and demonstrated!

4. Dedicate

Actions will not have impact without consistency. Experience supportive accountability and guidance for your journey.