4 Step Quest


There are many options available to work with Noor for your personal needs. 

The most popular is to purchase a package and experience the 4 Step Quest which requires on average 9 sessions to complete.

You can also schedule one session at a time to "feel it out," but most of our client's wished they had committed fully from the beginning. What will you do?  



1. Illuminate

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Self-awareness is the first step towards change. We see each individual as unique and responsible for their lives through conscious choices. Real change comes from within and this requires shedding light on one's unique interpretation of the world, how we participate in our experiences, and what we can learn from our past to take actions today and create change.

Guided Exercises

  • Life Timeline

  • Updating Your Mind's Software

  • Recharging Your Heart and Purpose

  • Access to free online courses

2. Demonstrate

You will be shown evidence and methods of your reality and how to work with it. You will become an author of your thoughts and influence your moods and behaviors more effectively.

Guided Exercises

  • Updating Your Mind's Software II

  • Principles of Islamic Psychology

3. Activate

Get moving with practical exercises that will aid your personal well being and enhancement. Act on what has been illuminated and demonstrated!

Guided Exercises

  • Principles of Islamic Psychology II

  • Taking Responsibility & Making Decisions

4. Dedicate

Actions will not have impact without consistency. Experience supportive accountability and guidance for your journey.

Guided Exercises

  • Noor Goal Planner

  • Laws of Growth


Don't have another day of being stuck, anxious, lost or sad!

If you are ready to commit and are serious about becoming a Noor human-