How do I become a client?

Its simple really!

Set up a free phone consultation to discover more about yourself and how we can invest in you together!

Next Steps:

1) Sign our commitment agreement.

2) Set up your scheduling profile with your name and email and start booking your sessions!

How do I schedule?

This is easy too! Clients self schedule online at FullSlate. Simply create a profile and sign in to access the Noor calendar anytime and anywhere! 

What kind of appointments are available!

We provide appointments in office ( Santa Clara, CA) - mobile - online/video (Skype or Google Hangouts)

You have the option to book either Standard 50 min or Extended 75 min appointments.

What forms of payment do you accept? 

Cash (for office only) checks and the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, DiscoverCard.

How do I pay?

You can pay on our website here. Or receive invoices via email to make automated payments online.

Payments are due/charged the day of your session(s) and or monthly for subscribers to packages. 

Do you take insurance? 

Our services are defined as human consulting, coaching and spiritual counseling and is not medical or clinical in nature. All services will be self pay. 

Why buy a subscription package? 

It would not be very effective to have five sessions and then come back a year later, would it? Commitment and consistency leads to realistic growth and success. Packages provide discounted rates. You are expected to use your monthly sessions and unique circumstances (such as health issues or travel) will be accommodated with proper notice. “Session credits” for monthly subscriptions expire within one month of payment date. Failure to fulfill your (Silver or Gold) package terms results in a $100 severance fee.

Which package is best for me?

Standard Packages include 50 min sessions and are best for individuals and parenting support.

Extended Packages include 75 min sessions and are mostly used for couples, family and some individuals that prefer extra time.

Starter Monthly Packages- Buy two sessions at a time! Great for discovering what it means to be a Noor human without committing to a longer package. You can even customize your own package by mixing and matching between 50 and 75 min sessions as needed! For instance clients buy 50 min sessions for more personal exploring and 75min sessions for their couples work or family process.

Silver & Gold Packages (9 and 12 sessions total) are for individuals, families and couples that desire or need a deeper investment in themselves! Typically clients that engage in a consistent process of knowledge, learning and practicing skills will achieve growth and awareness to an impactful degree! You have both session time options for Silver and Gold packages.


How do monthly payments for packages work? 

The payment plan begins the date of your first session. Each payment is due on the same day of the next month OR after you have used your “Session Credits” of the month, which ever comes first. You will receive an updated invoice each month or be charged automatically for your monthly subscription payments. 

For example: Gold 4 Month Package (standard 50 sessions) requires you to make 4 monthly payments of $279 for your 12 sessions.

(A) Can session credits roll over? (B) Can I combine sessions?

(A) Typically your 3 session credits must be used each month, with exceptions for real emergencies of course and uncontrollable circumstances.

Example) If you have the Gold 4 Month Package with 12 sessions, typically 3 sessions are used per month. You are allowed a stretch period of 1-2 months. In this case if the process needs a different pace you can complete your 12 sessions up to 5-6 months.

Please inform admin@noorhumanconsulting of your needs.

(B) Yes you can combine your sessions as needed!

Mobile and Video Sessions

For mobile sessions you will be called at the number you provided at your appointment time by your coach. For video sessions we use google video vis hangouts (gmail accounts) and Skype if you do not have a gmail account. Contact your coach for their Skype name.

What is Noor's approach?

Our session services and educational events draw on science, psychology and spirituality frameworks. Some of these include:

Spiritual Psychology integrates timeless virtue and wisdom traditions with modern western psychology and translates spiritual principles into scientifically grounded frameworks and contemporary language. 

Islamic Psychology aims to nurture, heal and optimize a person in life (existence) in relationship to the Divine (spirituality) and Islam (religion). You will discover the power and practicality of 'ilm al nafs (The knowledge of the self) in the Islamic tradition. What roles the qalb (heart), ruh (spirit), nafs (self/soul) and 'aql (intellect) play in your well being and how to develop your divine pattern.

Humanistic-Existential Psychology approaches each individual as unique and responsible for their lives through choices. Real change comes form within and this requires self-awareness of one's unique interpretation of the world, how we participate in our experiences, and what we can learn from our past to take actions today and create change. 

Relationship Science: Drawing on researched techniques, models and practices from the field of psychology to enhance and restore harmony and love. Learn more!

Coaching Psychology aims to provide healthy human development and progress. To establish trust, ask powerful questions, actively listen, provide feedback, help you organize your personal process and implement exercises, tools and models to enhance success and well being.

Human Consulting provides professional advice and guidance to improve the human condition using research, knowledge and techniques rooted in the social, spiritual and human sciences. 

How long will this take? 

It is case by case, considering the growth needs and efforts of the client. Some clients make great progress in three months due to their dedication and sincerity. Other clients require more time due to the nature of how they are stuck or blocked. We have created our packages to reflect the average duration of 9-12 sessions to experience quality impact. 

Often clients schedule appointments after their packages ended for "tune up" sessions or to address new challenges of life that come to all of us!

Once a client you remain a client and have the freedom to book appointments on our calendar anytime and anywhere! 

How does this process work? 

As far as client helping plans- these are tailored for every case and include the modules we have for working with particular needs (ex) marriage coaching or individual anxiety or spiritual enhancement. Generally the first few sessions are about learning your story and collecting background information. As we gather more meaning about your personal narrative and life context, you will be offered powerful coaching, guidance and exercises to apply!