Terms of Service

Section I: To provide you the best possible care, you will need to understand the nature of Noor Human Consulting services which is not psychiatry, clinical psychology or psychotherapy. Our services include mental health coaching and education, strategic interventions and human consulting to improve personal and relationship growth. For Muslim clients we include Islamic psychology principles and practices to supplement their success plan.

Our approach is tailored for each client and we pride ourselves on multicultural and religious sensitivity. Methods of growth will take into consideration the client's health, religious practice, individual needs, culture, environment and family dynamics.

Client and Noor consultant (provider)

By signing the Noor Human Consulting agreement, the Client is consenting to follow the assigned exercises and to consistently work on themselves outside of scheduled sessions and to make payments on time. If the client is a minor, the parent/guardian is responsible for payments and being involved. Therefore parents must schedule their own sessions with their Noor Provider to review and discuss their child's progress as consistently as needed.

Furthermore by agreeing to these terms of service you will under all circumstances hold harmless and defend your Noor Provider from any liability, and waive any and all claims or causes of action, for any actual, perceived, or alleged illness, injury, death, or other damage, arising from or in connection with any services provided by, or any alleged or actual negligent act of your Noor Provider.

Confidentiality is the first ethic of this service and names are never mentioned. It must be understood that confidentiality does not apply if we determine that you are (i) a danger to yourself or others (ii) unlawful acts such as sexual and/or physical abuse is occurring (iii) we are ordered by a court of law to disclose information.

Mobile and Online Service. If you use internet video or phone services you understand the possibility that your privacy could be breached due to the nature of internet use or mobile connection. It is your responsibility to protect your privacy when using a computer or telephone, especially if it is available to others. 

Payments and Cancellations. This is a contract agreement and private service between the consultant (Noor Provider) and the client. You agree to (a) making all payments on time (b) abide by all conditions in this total document form (c) clearing any unpaid balances before your contract agreement is over.

1. 24 hours notice is required for any cancellation. Otherwise your session will still be charged or counted.

3. All charged fees must be paid before your next session.

4. If applicable, unpaid balances of sessions or packages must be cleared before scheduling your next session.

5. There are no refunds for purchased sessions.