Noor = light, vision, radiant energy, illumination.

Noor is like my mental-spiritual gym.”

“When I need to vent, share ideas or solve something, Noor is there for me.” - S.M. (California, 2018)


What We Do


Spiritual Counseling


Mental Health Coaching


Practical Tools


Think Brilliant. Feel Brighter. Do Better.


Today Muslims face unique challenges

as they try to balance cultural, religious and societal influences into their daily lives.

Modern therapy offers treatment based on western models of the human condition. While effective in some ways, it tends to lack essential beliefs, values and direction for some conscious Muslims for whom spirituality and psychology are intertwined.

On the other hand, some local Imams may concentrate on religious practices without knowing how to provide a custom personal process for growth. While connection to the Divine is a core value, the "pray more" method is not always a holistic solution for life's problems.

Noor bridges the gap between these two poles.

How this works



Connect. Share. Transform.


1) Self Schedule anytime from anywhere. Sessions are your time to share and discuss whatever is important to you.

It’s easy, reliable and automated.


2) Share your story with one of our supportive providers with experience, motivation and different specialties.


3) Get helpful insights and knowledge. Skills and strategies through spiritual-social matters, love and family or productivity.


Need support or solutions for one specific issue?

Want a custom plan to maximize your growth?

Young Adults

Get Answers and Direction

Your life transitions can make or break your ability to thrive with your personal, family and social milestones.


Become A Better You

Start self examination to connect the dots in your life. Learn key concepts and practical tools to overcome challenges.


Premarital and Marital

Our relationship programs are designed to help you succeed before and during marriage with essential concepts and skills.

Mashallah you helped our relationship so much. It was extremely helpful to tie Islamic principles to practical solution for our problems.
— J.M. (California 3/3/2016)
For the first time in my life I actually felt like I was understood as a human being.
— Y.H. (New York 9/21/16
I always leave sessions feeling ease and clarity about my growth areas and what I’m actually doing well with. Karim is meticulously dedicated to each of his clients and has a plethora of experience in his field.
— F.I. (Texas 7/20/2017)

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