How do I become a client?

It's simple really!

Set up a phone consultation to discover more about yourself and how we can invest in you together!

Next Steps:

1) Sign our commitment agreement.

2) Set up your scheduling profile with your name and email and start booking your sessions!

How do I schedule?

This is easy too! Clients self schedule online at FullSlate. Simply create a password and sign in to access the calendar anytime and anywhere! 

What kind of appointments are available?

Mobile and online-video (Skype or Google Hangouts). Standard Session is 50 min. Extended Session 75 min sessions.

Mobile and Video Sessions

For mobile sessions you will be called at the number you provided at your appointment time by your provider. Video sessions via Gmail video hangouts or Skype if you do not have a gmail account.

Scheduling Guide

Clients self schedule their appointments!

1) Clients can book as far as 3 months into the future.

2) Clients can set up a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly time slots based on availability. Please email for this setting.

3) We follow first come first serve policy and encourage clients to book their own appointments or establish a weekly time slot to ensure consistency and regular sessions that meet your schedule.

4) You can book appointments up to 2 hours in advance the day of. Check the calendar of your provider as slots change daily.

5) Changing or canceling appointments can not be done on the calendar if it is past the 24 hour notice mark. These sessions will be counted as per your agreement terms. In some cases you can text message your provider or email for possible same day changes.

6) Session-credits expire within 4 months of purchase date. There are no refunds for your purchased sessions.


What forms of payment do you accept? 

Cash (for office only) checks and the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, DiscoverCard.

How do I pay?

You can pay on our website. Or receive invoices in your email. Payments are due/charged the day of your session(s) and or monthly for subscribers to packages. 

*If you book an appointment in advance, payment is required 24 hours in advance of your appointment time slot. Otherwise your time slot becomes available on the calendar.

Do you take insurance? 

Our services are defined as human consulting, personal coaching and spiritual counseling and is not medical or clinical in nature. All services will be self pay. 

Why buy a package? 

It would not be very effective to have five sessions and then come back a year later would it? Commitment and consistency leads to realistic growth and success. Packages provide discounted rates.

How do packages of 6 or 9 sessions work?

  1. Customary scheduling is 2-3 sessions/month.

  2. Combine sessions as needed. For example you can use all your sessions in one month if you book ahead of time.

  3. Unused sessions expire 4 months after date of purchase.

  4. Installments available upon request.

Which package is best for me?

Standard Packages include 50 min sessions and are best for individuals.

Extended Packages include 75 min sessions and are used for couples, family and individuals that prefer extra time.

What is Noor's approach?

Learn more about Noor's approach here.

How long will this take? 

It is case by case, considering the growth needs and efforts of the client. Some clients make great progress in three months with dedication and sincerity. Other clients require more time. We have created our packages to reflect the average duration of 6-9 sessions to experience quality impact. 

Many of our clients see Noor services as an essential part of their lives to continue growing, expanding and transforming themselves and their relationships. 

Once a client you remain a client and have the freedom to book appointments on our calendar anytime and anywhere!