How do I become a client?

1) Set up a phone consultation to discover more about yourself and how we can invest in you together!

2) Schedule an appointment anytime. During scheduling steps, make sure you agree to our terms of service.

Welcome to our Noor Human Community!

What is Noor's approach?

Noor HC  is not psychiatry, clinical psychology or a psychotherapy practice. We provide human development services that direct, mentor and help you apply solutions for personal and relationship goals. Noor providers are counselors, coaches and mentors that harness key concepts and techniques from psychology, spirituality and science.


How do I schedule?

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Clients self schedule online here. Or you can always visit our booking tab.

During scheduling steps, make sure you register for an account in the confirmation section.

Registered Noor Humans Can:

  • Bypass any forms you’ve already filled out when scheduling future appointments.

  • Make easy payments and updates for subscription and plans.

  • View all upcoming and past appointments and reschedule or cancel existing appointments.

  • See any active package codes on your account and view your session credits.


What kind of appointments are available?

Type + time

  1. Personal (standard session) is 50 min.

  2. Couples (extended session) 75 min.

  3. Ex-Personal (extended) 75 min.


  1. Mobile

  2. Video ( Google Meet and/or Skype).


Mobile and Video Sessions

For mobile sessions you will be called at your number on file at your appointment time by your provider. Video sessions via Gmail video or Skype if you do not have a gmail account.

Scheduling Guide

Self Scheduling gives you the power…

1) Clients can book as far as 4 months into the future.

2) Clients can set up a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly time slots based on availability. Email for assistance if needed.

3) First come first serve policy and encourage clients to book their own appointments or establish a weekly time slot to ensure consistency and regular sessions.

4) Same day appointments 3 hours in advance the day of. Check the calendar of your provider as slots change daily.

5) Changing or canceling appointments can not be done on the calendar if it is past the 24 hour notice mark. These sessions will be counted as per your agreement terms. In some cases you can text message your provider or email for possible same day changes.


Rates, Subscriptions and Packages

  1. Single Sessions - buy one session type at a time when you book appointments.

  2. Subscriptions provide reduced rates for 1-2 session credits per month. You are charged monthly for 5 months.

  3. Packages let you save the most when you pay upfront for a set of session credits.

When you purchase a subscription or package, simply schedule your first appointment and your credits will be automatically redeemed each time you book an appointment.


Why buy a package? 

It would not be very effective to have five sessions and then come back a year later would it? Commitment and consistency leads to realistic growth and success. Packages provide discounted rates.

How do packages of 3 to 9 sessions work?

  1. Personal and Couples Packages available. Each having a set of session credits and other features.

  2. Session credits are used to schedule appointments. Registered clients can view package credits remaining and session log when signed into their profile.

  3. Customary scheduling is 2-3 sessions/month.

  4. Session credits are valid for 60-180 days depending on the package type.

Which package is best for me?

Personal Packages include 50 min sessions and are best for individuals.

Couples Packages include 75 min sessions and are used for couples and family.


What forms of payment do you accept? 

Pay online with the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, DiscoverCard.

There are no refunds for your purchased sessions. Urgent circumstances will be considered for refunds or credits for yourself or to gift to another.

How do I pay?

You can pay for single sessions each time you book on our calendar.

Purchase a package at our online store anytime.

Subscriptions are charged every month and/or week on your saved payment card and your subscription code is automatically applied when you book appointments.

Do you take insurance? 

Our services are defined as human consulting, personal coaching and spiritual counseling and is not medical or clinical in nature. All services will be self pay.