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Want support or solutions for one specific issue? Need a custom plan to maximize your growth? Our providers are ready to serve!


Invite Karim Serageldin, founder of Noor HC and Coffee with Karim Podcast to your area today!

Private Sessions



Young Adults

Get Answers and Direction

Your life transitions can make or break your ability to thrive with your personal, family and social milestones.


Become A Better You

Start self examination to connect the dots in your life. Learn key concepts and practical tools to overcome challenges.


Premarital and Marital

Our relationship programs are designed to help you succeed before and during marriage. With essential concepts, spiritual values and skills you will build trust, deepen intimacy and get excited to thrive together.


Family and Parenting

Assisting “start up families” with tools and education to get through the naturally intense, stressful and wondrous roller coaster called Parenting. Are you ready to start building a healthy lifelong relationship with your child?


 Since 2000 Karim Serageldin has been engaging with American Muslims, multicultural and interfaith communities to provide education and awareness on topics like mental health, relationships, personal well being and applied spirituality. He has worked with schools, universities, and conducted seminars in mosques and operated his own workshops.


Event Pricing

*Estimated Fees

Karim Serageldin resides in southern California with his family.

  1. Basic Event (local) is 2 hours minimum. Best for seminars, lectures, discussion groups.

  2. Day Long (local) is 5-6 hour bookings. Best for workshops.

3. Overnight: All invites out of state require coverage for travel and accommodation expenses + seminar fees.

“Thank you again for all your work in organizing this wonderful event. We look forward to attending Part 2 of Happy Marriages as well as other events presented by brother Serageldin. My husband and I are putting the word out to folks about how wonderful and beneficial it was, Alhamoudillah.” -L.B. from (California)