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1) Evaluate Problem

  • Share your story, it always helps us feel relief.

  • Start with preliminary solutions.

2) Self- Examination

  • What series of events and experiences produced your situation?

  • Identify your strengths, values and growth areas.

3) Key Concepts

  • Get education and knowledge to solve your issues and improve well being.

  • Correct distorted thinking, feel brighter and recondition your behaviors.

  • Capture your life vision and understand what has to be done and why.

4) Spiritual Values

  • Learn how to do heart work with Islamic psychology.

  • Ask questions and get guidance to improve your relationship with the Divine and Islam.

5) Practical Tools - take action

  • Practicing exercises to remove personal blocks and start thriving.

  • Use systems to improve life management skills, decision making and achieving objectives.

  • Implement the steps designed to solve your problems and commit to your principles.

6) Evaluate Results

  • Measure the quality and impact of your new patterns.

  • Assess your actions and why you got certain outcomes. Keep testing, tweaking and repeating.

  • Stay motived and focused with supportive accountability.


Spirituality is Psychology

“If your practice of Islam is not changing you for the better, than you must change your misunderstandings of Islam. Verily psychology and spirituality are two sides of the same coin. This coin is how you get religious value.” - K.S.

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