Young Adults (Best for ages 16-22)

You Are Not Alone


Did You Know?

Nearly 50% of Young Muslims engage in sexual activity before marriage.

30% have used drugs and nearly 50% alchohol in school.

Many youth struggle with faith and identity crisis.

Find Answers. Get Mentoring. Start Thriving!

Personal performance is clutch for you right now. As a young adult life’s changes and challenges are not always easy.

Do you feel you can benefit from a companion-advisor relationship that is judgement free?

How Does It Work?

  • Our sessions are a space where you can vent, share and discuss whatever is important to you.

  • You can get support, knowledge and skills through spiritual and social matters, love and family or productivity.

  • An honest and safe space that puts your needs and wishes into practical and virtuous action!

The Support You Need

Your life transitions can make or break your ability to thrive with your personal, family and social milestones.


Find answers and apply tools for life’s challenges. Overcome anxiety and stress. Enhance productivity and confidence.



Improve parent communication and family connection. Reduce feeling devalued and misunderstood.



Develop healthy habits with social media, academics and friends. Get clarity and direction with your spiritual beliefs.



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