Young Adults (Best for ages 16-22)

You Are Not Alone


Did You Know?

Nearly 50% of Young Muslims engage in sexual activity before marriage.

30% use drugs and 50% alchohol in school.

Many youth struggle with faith and identity crisis.

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Personal performance is clutch for you right now. As a young adult life’s changes and challenges are not always easy. If you feel you can benefit from a companion-advisor relationship that is judgement free yet able to give priority to what you need not just what you want, then you have come to the right place.

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Many of us fear judgment when it comes to expressing our ideas, especially taboo ones, centered around religion and spirituality. Not only are we afraid of judgment, but we’re afraid that no one will understand. And people are justified in thinking that, especially when they’re surrounded by a conservative family who didn’t experience the same upbringing and culture as you did. Karim, on the other hand, does understand. He’s able to listen to you without judgment, relate with you, and offer a rational perspective. He reasons through things as an academic, and a seeker of wisdom; however, it is not in a manner that is overbearing. Rather, his mannerism is gentle, easy and understandable, such that when he does offer advice, you feel as if you don’t have to take it, but rather you want to sheerly for its merit. I would advise all to give Karim and Noor Human Consulting a chance, especially Muslim young adults who grew up in America.
— D.H. - 2018 (age 19)

The Support You Need

Your life transitions can make or break your ability to thrive with your personal, family and social milestones.


Find answers and apply tools for life’s challenges. Overcome anxiety and stress. Enhance productivity and confidence.



Improve parent communication and family connection. Reduce feeling devalued and misunderstood.



Develop healthy habits with social media, academics and friends. Get clarity and direction with your spiritual beliefs.

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