Qur'an is a Map of Meaning

The Qur’an demonstrates how reality actually works like physics or chemistry shows us the laws and processes of matter in nature. To name a few, the Qur'an teaches us the science and art of being truly human, the cosmic story of our origin and return, how the forces of good, evil, purpose and service work and how the seen and unseen worlds interplay to name a few.

When you are able to connect the dots of meaning in your life, you can value what matters, avoid what doesn’t and succeed in repelling evil and generating good.

Key gem = the grand purpose and order of reality is established for us by Allah. Now as individuals and communities we must evoke change and healthy societies through our personalized pursuit of this message.

”It is He who has created death and life to put you to the test and see which of you is most virtuous in your deeds. He is Majestic and All-forgiving.” (Quran 62:2)

Why did Allah create me? How am I supposed to impact this world whether small or big? How do I make the most of my life using the Qur’an?

Find answers to these important questions today and live a better future.